Meet the Designer


DANYOUSH is a brand created with so much love thought and care. 


Where does the brand name Danyoush come from?


This question always warms my heart because in essence it’s a collaborative joining together of all the names of my family which coincidentally was also my home nickname.

D me Dania

A my eldest daughter Aya

N my daughter Noor

YOUS my husband Yousif

H my son Hashim


How did the idea of the reversible vest start?


Being an active mother of 3 kids, a wife and  a free lance stylist /designer  I literally lived my life in comfortable clothes and started noticing myself wishing I had that  one stylish item which I could slip on over up my everyday sports look without taking the comfort away.  

Around 2014 I started experimenting with the idea of a jacket / vest , which could serve that purpose as a cover up solution. In my styling days when I lived in London I used to love the concept of layering and worked a lot with draped fabrics, so I knew that my vest would have to both drape and be flexible color wise to be able to wear with almost anything. 


Who is your brand woman ?


She’s everyone and anyone…. I didn’t want women to buy into the stereotypical illusions of who they are. We ask all our brand women to just be themselves and embrace the beauty in their different forms, shapes and colors in life. 


What is your brand motto?

Be sporty 

Be elegant

Be modest

Be worldly 

Be You


Just be ANY U